Magic Square

In 2007 I started a series of paintings in which I asked several close friends and relatives to sit for me. I chose these people based on beautiful or striking features, and interesting personalities. I paired each person with a historical or literary character with whom they bore some resemblance, either physically or persona-wise. Then I drew the live and present subject in an appropriate pose, while trying to keep the historical subject in mind. I also try to infuse something of the historical character’s essential features. I gave these portraits the name of the historical character, but the significance imbued by the sitter is personal, slightly mocking, thus preserving the anonymity of the subject, while his/her features are visible. The paintings below were made in 2008 and are only a few examples of a larger collection.

These nine paintings together are called Magic Spare and they are part of a larger series, which I refer to as my Synthetic Portraits.