Little Baby Jesus

My mother was a hippy, she practised transcendental meditation and yoga. In the 1970's she moved from the Caribbean to Canada in winter. She was pregnant with her second child. She spoke very little English and she was very isolated. She fell into a dark place, probably had a nervous breakdown and she started having visions of angels in the white snow. From then on she became devoutly Catholic and deeply spiritual, waking every morning very early to pray for hours, basically living a life in constant conversation with God. This video takes from audio recordings I made while talking to my mother.

Little Baby Jesus from Grace Morgan Pardo on Vimeo.

Miel de Amor

This short film is an illustration of a Love spell.

Special thanks to Adrian Aldihni, Kirsty Buchanan and Santa Rosa de Lima for their cooperation.

Miel de Amor from Grace Morgan Pardo on Vimeo.

El Final Del Topo

El Final Del Topo, was filmed during the first phase of an ongoing project entitled Retreat to Move Forward, in which Grace is traveling to isolated places, including the remnants of a glass factory bombarded in the second world war, the crumbling mansion of an eccentric art collector, as well as a 16th century operational Franciscan monastery. The purpose of this project is to explore the contemporary state of the hermit and romantic concepts of the artist in seclusion.

El Final Del Topo from Grace Morgan Pardo on Vimeo.

Love Scene

This is a collage made from footage from the film Orfeu Negro (1959), made in Brazil by French director Marcel Camus.

The film is based on the play Orfeu da Conceição by Vinicius de Moraes, which is an adaptation of the Greek legend of Orpheus and Eurydice, setting it in the modern context of a favela in Rio de Janeiro during the Carnaval.

Love Scene from Grace Morgan Pardo on Vimeo.

Phantasy Re Up

This is a video collage sourced from a broad range of sources set to the music of Hounds of Hate


A comedic stabbing by Lindsay Harker and Grace Morgan Pardo 2008

Vaudevillains from Lindsay Harker on Vimeo.

Duncing in the Dark

By Lindsay Harker and Grace Morgan Pardo 2008